Writer, editor & designer

Hello there...

My name is Mike Peterson. I'm a  freelance writer, editor and designer based out of inland North County San Diego -- it's kind of like the actual thing, just further from the beach. 

My writing and design work has appeared in various print and digital publications, including the San Diego Union-Tribune, The North Coast Current, The Telescope, the Oceanside Blade, the Escondido Times-Advocate, the Lake Elsinore Independent and iDrop News, among other places. I'm a sucker for print, but that doesn't mean I'm not internet-savvy. I have extensive experience in social media and writing for a digital audience.

I'm currently available for any and all freelance writing or editing work. Although I specialize in editorial and journalism writing, I can write pretty much any type of content. I'm also an adept copy editor, proofreader and extremely fluent in AP style (no Oxford commas here). 

Think we can work together? Feel free to shoot me a line -- just scroll down and click on Contact.

In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, making music, craft beer, and exploring things that aren't the internet (I think most people call it the "outside"). I'm a person of many interests, and one of my biggest hobbies is trying to cram all of my passions into one lifetime.